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The Amazing Film Company have been focusing on developing, producing and exploiting international cinema and TV productions across all genres from elaborate screen adaptations of classics and bestsellers, to comedies and entertaining family movies, to political and sophisticated cinematic dramas.

The company was founded by Thomas Peter Friedl, longtime member of the Executive Board of Constantin Film AG and former CEO of UFA Cinema and X – Filme creative pool founder and CEO Stefan Arndt.

Some of the cinema productions are e.g. the thriller COLD HELL, directed by Academy Award-winner Stefan Ruzowitzky (Anatomy, The Counterfeiters). The thriller series INTRIGO, co-produced with Enderby Entertainment and directed by Daniel Alfredson. The trilogy includes the feature films DEATH OF AN AUTHOR, starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Benno Fürmann, SAMARIA and DEAR AGNES and is based on the million bestselling novels by Swedish author Hakan Nesser. Or the romantic cinema comedy RATE YOUR DATE (directed by David Dietl). A modern, cheeky cinema comedy that unites some of the most interesting and impressive young actors in Germany: Alicia von Rittberg, Marc Benjamin, Edin Hasanovic and Nilam Farooq.

Some other feature-film projects currently in preparation are A YEAR IN THE MERDE, based on Stephen Clarke’s international bestselling novel, the romantic comedy BALANCING ACT (WT), based on the novel Surf Mama by Wilma Johnson.

The TV productions of The Amazing Film Company include the streaming series “DER BEISCHLÄFER”, which is already running on Prime Video in its 2nd season. The adventures about the deputy lay judge Charlie Menzinger (Markus Stoll aka Harry G) and his judge Julia Kellermann (Lisa Bitter), directed by Sebastian Sorger, were praised by press and audience alike.

In 2022, The Amazing Film Company shot the first Prime Video Original Christmas series, “PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS”, directed by Sebastian Sorger. The leading roles are Timur Bartels, Valerie Huber, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Esther Schweins, Wayne Carpendale, Lena Meckel, Elena Uhlig and Matthias Komm.

The 6-part thriller series “TURMSCHATTEN” based on the bestseller of the same name by Peter Grandl and the high-end thriller series “DECODE” based on the screenplays by Christian Limmer (Oktoberfest) are in preparation.

With the short film "Alien Shopper" developed and produced by TAF, this year's European Inventor Award of the European Patent Office was presented to a wide audience in a large-scale social media campaign.

Our Amazing Team

Thomas Peter Friedl

CEO / Producer


Bettina Bartl


Manu S. Scheidt

Line Producer


Team Production

Cornel Babel


Jasmin Thatenhorst



Rate Your Date

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Death Of An Author

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Dear Agnes

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Balancing Act

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Cold Hell

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